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Welcome to Professional Turf Services Inc.

Our company motto is “Achieving quality turf through science.” Our sales consultants are the most knowledgeable in our industry.  We are the best in the business at understanding the soil, water and physical properties of your personal turf.  This translates to our customer not wasting money on products that are not needed or could even do more harm than good. Our company policy of thoroughly testing new products before offering them to our customers ensures that you are getting what is promised from the product.

We truly appreciate your interest in our business and will work hard to help you achieve the quality that you are expecting.

The following is only a small sample of the products and services that we can offer you.

  • Advan Products
  • Floratine Turf Products
  • Grow Power Organic Fertilizers
  • Lebanon Turf Products
  • Prince Minerals
  • Nutrite Fertilizers
  • Silico Turf
  • Soil Life
  • Solu-cal
  • Turf Screen
  • American Rock Salt
  • Wolf Trax
  • Prime Source/Select Source
  • Agri-Star
  • Quali-Pro
  • Bayer
  • BASF
  • Agricen
  • Syngenta
  • Mitchell
  • and many more!

Professional Turf Services, Inc also provides agronomic testing such as soil and water analysis, physical characteristics of soil and more for our New York and Northern Pennsylvania customers.

We understand the different needs of turfgrass from golf course greens to football, soccer, baseball or your home lawn better than anyone else in this industry. Because of this we offer custom blended fertilizer to fulfill the needs of your particular grass, not a generic fertilizer that may not give your lawn the nutrients that it needs.

Give us a call to set up a consultation to begin or improve your turfgrass management program or stop in and check us out, we are open to the public for sales such as grass seeds, fertilizers, rock salt and spreaders.

We also deal with used commercial lawn equipment from blowers to out front rotary mowers, sprayers and reel mowers. If you are looking for golf carts or utility type vehicles such as we can help find you what you are looking for. We also have a line of walk behind spreaders and sprayers for home use.

Another service we offer is help with your fertigation. For starters we can build you a custom mix and load system to fit your needs. We also can upgrade your current system to make it run more efficiently which saves you valuable time and money. One of our qualified field techs can also give you over the phone trouble shooting advice or on site testing and repairs.

We also carry products for baseball fields like marking powder, H2O absorb and clay conditioner.